Just the one

I always thought we’d have two or three.

But here we are—and we are all here, I’m sure—three of us, sitting at the dining room table.

Three of us, taking up just a little bit of space in the pew.

Three of us, fitting fairly comfortably in a queen-sized bed to read or tap at screens.

Three of us, eating at Wendy’s for less than $25.

For a while there was a hole in my heart that I thought another baby would fill. Over time, God filled and closed that up with a great big love for and from our growing boy.

But there’s a tiny scar there. It holds whispers of what-ifs, of who-ifs…a delicate etching of a little girl’s face.

2 thoughts on “Just the one”

  1. I always thought we’d be three or four, but we’re only two (by choice, in the end.) Embrace what you have!

  2. For a long time, we wanted two or three–but it looked like, perhaps, it would be the two of us. In the end, we have one, and our girl is incredible. But I do wonder what it would have been like to have more of us, all together.

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